Total Walled Garden Transparency

Introducing Atrium

Zefr’s new suite of measurement solutions brings state-of-the-art brand suitability technology, powered by AI, to walled gardens, with full mapping to the GARM industry framework.

Scale Your Responsible Marketing Initiatives in Walled Gardens

Atrium’s suite of solutions provides advertisers with clear-sighted precision to measure brand safety and suitability, fully aligned to the GARM standards including the newest category, misinformation.

Gain Content Transparency

Access Atrium’s dashboard for precise post-bid analysis of your brand context inside walled gardens, with a full view into the top-performing content adjacencies for each campaign. 

Finally, Total Walled Garden Transparency

Atrium leverages Zefr’s patented AI technology to deliver brand suitability verification for peace of mind on the world’s largest platforms.

Join Global Brands Leveraging Atrium

Rexona Delivers an Impactful Message Within a Brand-Safe Environment with Zefr Measurement

Multinational Retailer Marks & Spencer Achieves Brand Suitability at Scale For Holiday Charity Campaign

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