Media Solutions

Technology that drives more impactful media on YouTube and beyond


ZEFR Entertainment

Own entertainment moments that audiences crave. A top rated ComScore network of the highest quality entertainment content across YouTube. A 100% brand safe environment, ZEFR connects your brands to the right Movies, Music, Sports and TV content at scale

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BrandID Targeting 

Connect with the consumer, not just the demographic. ZEFR is the leading technology company that empowers brands to discover and target their most important influencers and topics in video. With more data than any other YouTube partner, ZEFR’s BrandID platform provides a lens into culture and the tools to turn insights into more impactful media for brands

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BrandID Insights

BrandID delivers insights into the 90% of YouTube activity around your brand that you’re not seeing

Gain invaluable competitive and category insights with unmatched social video listening at the asset level

Identify the most important fans, influences, and topics for your brand, and build lasting relationships with those communities


What's in our solution?

A suite of tools built on top of Google to maximize your YouTube effectiveness. Every campaign comes with BrandID Insights and Ad Differentiators


Advanced Targeting

Contextual advertising based on Video IDs. BrandID technology allows brands, for the first time ever, to target specific, contextually relevant videos at scale, no waste


Programmatic Optimization

We layer our technology on top of YouTube to continuously optimize your campaign effectiveness and performance


Reporting and Analytics

BrandID provides advanced reporting, delivering in-depth reports on the effectiveness of targeting, creative, media and price


Proven Results

ZEFR campaigns see lifts of 30-60% across impressions, clicks, completed views, conversions and ROI



ZEFR drove 30% increase in Brand Awareness & 12% purchase intent for a major CPG client


Video Game

A ZEFR Video Game campaign outperformed YouTube's skippable video benchmark* by 56%



A ZEFR Automotive campaign is currently outperforming YouTube's display benchmark by 60%



ZEFR has access to more data than any other partner on YouTube

Access the largest repository for earned media in the world


275 Million videos managed


31 Billion monthly views tracked


2 Billion monthly hours viewed monitored