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Before BrandID, brands only had analytics for their own individual channels, so they could measure just the viewership on videos they uploaded. But of course, YouTube is full of content that users upload in which they talk about their favorite brands. With BrandID, marketers will be able to see what all those users are saying about their brands, identify their biggest and most influential fans, and connect with them directly.
— Ryan Lawler, TechCrunch

Listen to and manage your fans with


Brand Alerts

Receive customized automated alerts right to your connected device

  • Always have a pulse on your brand
  • Be alerted based on the metrics you care about most
  • Alerts get pushed directly to your inbox


Discover the greatest influencers, manage conversations around your brand and track any video campaigns launched on YouTube

  • View videos related to a particular campaign
  • Uncover video responses to marketing and brand events
  • Find the channels that are leading the conversation

Influencer Relationship Management

Manage, incentivize, and keep track of all your targeted influencer activities across the major social platforms

  • Develop strong relationships with the biggest influencers in online video
  • Create single influencer profiles by automatically pulling data from social profiles and soliciting it with our form builder
  • Kick off partnerships directly on the platform with our messaging and form management

Publish your official channel with


Change all aspects of your channel on your schedule.

  • Set videos to be uploaded on any time and date
  • Schedule the look, feel, and content of your channel for special events
  • Keep the content on your channel fresh to engage viewers

Post Roll

Keep your audience engaged in your content and viewing more

  • Create sticky audiences to increase views within your network
  • Send viewers to related content of your choosing
  • Increase the professionalism of your videos


Increase the organic discoverability of your content with optimized playlists, titles, descriptions, and tags

  • Pick the best tags for your video
  • Mass update all your videos' descriptions
  • Construct titles to drive more views and increase discoverability

Advertise on YouTube with ZEFR Media

Advanced Targeting

Proprietary targeting features allow you to get the most reach and engagement out of your video campaigns

  • Hyper-target videos related to your brand, products, or campaign objectives
  • Re-target your already existing audiences
  • Increase the reach of your video campaign with smart target expansion

Media Optimization

ZEFR Media calculates hundreds of variables in real-time to continually optimize your video campaign

  • Achieve better results with instantaneous response campaign performance
  • Automatically dial-up targets that are performing well by minimizing spend on low performing targets
  • A/B test various creatives for optimal engagement

Creative Optimization

Get the right message to the right audience at the right time

  • Test creatives in real-time against different audiences
  • Use multivariate testing to ensure the highest performance possible